Fire engineering is the application of engineering principles and science to reduce fire risk and safeguard people from the effects of a fire in their building. It is often used in historic or complex properties or in properties that may not meet with prescribed benchmark standards for buildings.

It includes a number of disciplines such as fire detection, fire suppression, smoke management to help maintain a tenable environment for evacuation from a fire. It also uses factors involved with human behaviour, probability and risk mitigation.

Our Fire Engineers have extensive experience in working with: 

  • Human behaviour and risk analysis.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Fire dynamics and computerised fire modelling.
  • Active and passive fire protection systems.
  • Smoke control and management.
  • Escape facilities.
  • Building design.

We can assist architects, building owners and property developers in evaluating life safety and property protection in buildings, to help improve safety. Our Fire Engineers can do this by identifying risks and designing safeguards that assist in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. We are also able to provide independent review for performance based fire engineering solutions submitted in support of local building regulation applications.