It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, that virtually every business or commercial premises, must have a suitable and sufficient fire safety risk assessment. This is an assessment of the risk posed by fire, to all the people who may be on the premises. This is so that those responsible can work out how to keep people safe. The fire risk assessment should be reviewed at regular intervals or with certain events i.e. new staff, building works.

Our fire risk assessment includes:

  • A full survey of the building, identifying the fire hazards.
  • A realistic evaluation of the risk posed.
  • A record of all relevant, significant findings.
  • Prioritisation of remedial measures to reduce the risks.

We do this in consultation with you to ensure:

  • The hazards are real.
  • The appreciation of risk is justified.
  • The outcomes take into account the business aims and operations.
  • The risk is reduced to as low as reasonably practical / achievable.

We have worked to ensure that we offer one of the most professional fire risk assessments currently available on the market. Our Fire Consultants will also be happy to, help our clients get the most out of it by explaining the fire risk assessment. We’ll also undertake a full review of the fire risk assessment when required.