With new build projects that don’t quite conform to the prescribed benchmark standards or with larger complex buildings, it’s important to know that your building can achieve an acceptable level of safety for the occupants.

A fire strategy defines and details how a building needs to perform in relation to fire safety, to ensure the safety of occupants.

Our Fire Consultants work with those responsible for managing the building, to understand what happens in the building and then undertake a thorough inspection of a building and/or review the building plans to determine the fire safety provisions available and required.

Our Fire Strategies involve a review and appreciation of the following aspects:

  • Building use.
  • Occupancy.
  • Means of escape.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Signage.
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm.
  • Internal fire spread and compartmentation.
  • External fire spread.
  • Fire service access and facilities.
  • Fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire engineering measures.
  • Fire safety management procedures.
  • Fire / emergency procedures for the building.

This is followed by the production of a detailed, comprehensive Fire Strategy document and if required, additional recommendations to meet current standards will also be made. A feedback session can be programmed in, at the clients request, to discuss the report to ensure that clients understand issues, and can ask questions.