There is a legal responsibility to train staff in fire safety. The role staff play in protecting your property and business cannot be under estimated, you need staff to manage fire safety and respond in the event of a fire. It’s essential your staff have fire safety training and are fire risk aware. The issue is that the training is different depending on your business and your property.

We believe that when people undertake training, it should be relevant, meaningful and useful. We make sure that our training will do the job, so that in the event of a fire people can perform. Our people, help your people, keep people safe.

Unsurprisingly we don’t believe in leaving staff to e-learning methods or videos to tick a box. Instead, we tailor each course to form a bespoke solution for each client. In simple terms all staff should know how to:

  • Spot fire safety hazards.
  • Reduce fire safety risks.
  • Take action in the event of a fire.

We provide a wide and diverse range of fire safety training. Our qualified, experienced fire safety trainers not only have an in-depth knowledge of fire safety but a proven track record in delivering high quality training. Such experience includes training professional Fire Fighters. 

Our fire safety courses include:

  • Staff fire safety induction training.
  • Fire safety basics.
  • Fire warden / fire marshal training.
  • Choosing and using fire extinguishers.
  • Fire safety management.
  • Emergency action planning.
  • Arson awareness.

Training staff isn’t just a simple case of sitting and listening. We recognise that every business and every property is different so we can also carry out site specific fire safety training, call us to talk through your needs.